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Christine Hill Hypnosis in North London United Kingdom

Christine Hill Hypnosis in North London United Kingdom


Specialising in 5-PATH® (5-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis) since 2004. A unique, rapid and effective hypnotic system – unlike any other you may have experienced.

7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher. 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® is a revolutionary mind-body-spirit system that surpasses any previous kind of self-hypnosis available.

These powerful, thorough and comprehensive transformational processes facilitate enduring emotional and behavioural change. Whether therapist led, or using self-hypnosis, these advanced processes gently and safely release unconscious root causes and any resistance or blocks that are holding the current patterns in place. The result is immeasurable personal growth and healing, which enables clients to think a better thought, feel a better feeling, do a better behaviour and live a better life of optimum success.


The personal issues that can be effectively helped through 5-PATH® are many and varied, addressing both the resolution of unwanted conditions and the enhancement of existing talents and potentials.

Can 5-PATH® help you? Call Christine now for a free assessment.

Christine’s Special Interests and Expertise include:

  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • HypnoBirthing
  • HypnoFertility
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • Weight Control.

Client Comments:

‘I wish I had phoned you sooner. Thank you for giving me my life back’

‘I finally feel like me again! Couldn’t have done it without you, thank you so much for your help!’

‘The thoughts just don’t bother me anymore. They come up and I just put them aside. I could never do that before.’

‘Wow, I've really been having a great week! The last session was just amazing, and I feel like it's enabled me to get rid of years of baggage and self-doubt.’

‘My boyfriend could not believe how calm I was in the departure lounge, let alone on the plane. It’s so good to know I can travel the world again.’

‘For the first time I can remember, I've just been happy going around being me. I just feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin.’

‘I gave my presentation without a trace of nerves – which was a first for me’

About Christine:

Christine is a fully qualified and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, initially trained with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. (LCCH)

The LCCH is unique in the UK, offering the only postgraduate programme leading towards a Masters (MSc) degree in Clinical Hypnosis. This is an important advance in the hypnotherapeutic profession, creating confidence in recognised higher education qualifications and evidence based practice.

Christine is a Tutor for the LCCH and a Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. (MBSCH)


B.Soc.Sc.Hons. Birmingham University
Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis LCCH
Certificate in Advanced Hypnosis (5-PATH®)
Certified 7th Path® Self-Hypnosis Teacher
Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming
Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy
Practitioner Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing
Certified Practitioner of Meridian Therapies - Emotional Freedom Techniques
Certified Practitioner of HypnoBirthing® and HypnoFertility®.

North London
United Kingdom

Phone: 020 8360 2518

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