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Judith Froemming - Hypnosis in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Judith Froemming - Hypnosis in Minneapolis, Minnesota



Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy™ 

"Soul Coach" is the category that will have to be created for Judith! Combining wisdom, humor, and uncanny intuition born out of her years of practice and study in multitudes of disciplines, she is simply the most effective facilitator of Shift I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her calm and complete acceptance of me/herself is a contagious miracle, and I've seen that miracle not just in my own case, but in my life partner and my son as wellGreat Results, High Integrity, Creative."

- Glenn Bourdot

Powerfully transform your limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, anxiety, relationships, health or habits. Effective tools. Learn how to create your life's purpose with Joy and Balance! 

One hour free consultation


• The Meta Institute
• Banyan Hypnosis Center
United Theological Seminary
• The Center for Spiritual Guidance 
• Adler Graduate School

• Matrix Energetics™
• Spring Forest Qi Gong

• InterPlay™  
• Brave New Institute at the Brave New Workshop
• Naropa Institute
• The Acting Studio
• Jane Brody
• Lev Mailer
• Candace Barrett/Guthrie 


Hypnotherapist and Consciousness Coach™

Judith's private practice, Infinite Mind Hypnosis and Coaching is located in the Uptown Wellness Center in Minneapolis.

Her motto,
CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, points to the growing awareness/research that by changing your beliefs/thinking, you can free yourself from suffering. She teaches skills and tools to transform your life in many areas:
• personal development 
• spiritual path
• presence
• age regression
• soul retrieval
• weight loss
• smoking cessation
• stress reduction
• anxiety management
• relationships
• career change
• phobias
• public speaking
• motivation
• self-confidence
• self-esteem 
• forgiveness and release
• transform limiting beliefs
• self-hypnosis
• meditation
• breath work
• pain management
• play
 and much more! 


Judith also teaches "The Secret Language of Feelings"InterPlay,™ ESM, and a course called "How to Become a Formerly Serious Person™ designed to improve your comfort with your body, flexibility, and ease and comfort in front of groups. Learn to trust your body wisdom. Learn to play again! Get more of what you want. Life can be easier, less stressful, fuller, more satisfying and more fun! Get a group together. Where? Your church, school, friends, book club or work...and book a playshop! Create connection, support and solve limiting challenges in your group the playful way.
"You. yourself, as much as anybody in the universe, deserve your love and affection." -Buddha
Judith A. Froemming BA, CTC, CH, HNLP
Consciousness Coach™
Certified Master Hypnotherapist
Certified Therapeutic Coach™ 

Infinite Mind Hypnosis and Coaching 
Certified Hypnotherapist-National Guild of Hypnotists 
5-PATH® Certified Hypnotherapist
7-PATH SELF-HYPNOSIS® Certified Teacher



2920 Bryant Avenue South, Suite 108
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Minnesota 55408

Phone: 651-216-0085

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