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Hypnosis in Hawaii by Randy Hampton

Randy Hampton Hawaii Hypnosis Center

Randy Hampton, CCHt

Master Hypnotist Certified
5-PATH® Hypnotherapist Certified

Hawaii Hypnosis Center
765 Amana St., #205
Hawaii 96814

Phone: 808-221-7353


Since opening in 2006, the focus at Hawaii Hypnosis Center has been on helping clients achieve their goals. Hawaii Hypnosis Center has helped thousands of people make positive changes in their lives through personalized one-on-one hypnosis sessions. Many clients tell us they tried everything before finally having amazing success through hypnosis. We've helped clients stop smoking, lose weight, increase confidence, improve business achievement, overcome addiction, improve overall health, make progress in sports performance, and improve their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. Our philosophy is that everyone has the inner resources needed to make positive changes and hypnosis will help you rediscover and utilize that special power within you to create healthy changes. Hawaii Hypnosis Center's staff hypnotists use a variety of therapeutic modalities, including Basic and Advanced Suggestion Therapy, parts therapy, NLP, and the Core Transformation process.


Randy became interested in hypnosis and the power of the subconscious mind when he successfully maneuvered through a stressful career transition with the help of a hypnotist in the late 1990s and again when he quit smoking in 2004. He began reading the works of Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill and putting their theories to work as a spokesman, a sought after public speaker, writer and non-profit consultant. Randy’s writing has been featured in the New York Times, Denver Post and Aspen Daily News. He has been interviewed by Good Morning America and the Wall Street Journal and by numerous television and radio outlets. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Master’s Certification in Human Dimensions.

Randy was a high school baseball player before suffering an injury and he has a deep love of sports. He enjoys working with athletes of all ages and helping them achieve the next level of sports achievement through improved mental performance. Randy is a Smoking Cessation Specialist, Advanced 5-Path Master Hypnotist, Certified Sports Performance Hypnotist, and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He also enjoys working with people feeling socially anxious or over-stressed.

Contact Randy at 808-221-7353 for a free phone consultation today!

765 Amana Street, #205
Hawaii 96814

Phone: 808-221-7353

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